Our Core Service

Software Development is the core engineering service provided by Bleum.  Senior IT leaders from medium and large sized enterprises turn to Bleum for their software development needs when their performance or maintainability requirements for their applications dictate that a methodical, disciplined approach to development is taken by the team.

Our measure twice cut once approach to development is not ideal for every project, but for systems with high reliability or performance requirements this approach provides the maximum probability of success.  In fact, Bleum’s metrics program will provide you with a level of visibility and predictability about the quality and timing of your releases that will give you peace of mind.

Bleum provides a number of software development services for customers with hard to achieve requirements.   We can help you with your application development from design to develop to deploy to managing it in production.

Application Development

Bleum can help you to implement your Application Development project.

We can start either at the Requirements Collection phase or during the design phase and execute the project through UAT and deployment.

Application Maintenance

Bleum can help you manage the queue of enhancements and bug fixes for your production application.

SCRUM or Kanban are common lifecycles to manage maintenance work since it they are better suited to a flow of work rather than a defined scope.

Mobile Development

Customers who need robust, enterprise enabled mobile applications turn to Bleum to develop them.

There are many companies that can knock out quick and dirty mobile prototypes. Bleum is not well suited for that kind of project.

Mobile apps that need to have high performance requirements and integrate with complex back end systems need a more disciplined approach to development. Discipline and creativity can be balanced and we strive to provide this in as nimble of a package as we can.

Legacy System Upgrade

Many customers use Bleum to help them extend the life or their critical legacy production systems or to rewrite them onto modern technologies.

Bleum can help you decide which is the right strategy for your legacy system and then execute the project.

Through disciplined management of risk and interdependencies we can take the cost and aggravation our of your upgrade needs. We will take what documentation you have on the system and then reverse engineer the code and architecture in order to fully analyze the legacy system so that we may conceive how to reconstruct the functionality onto the new technology.

Web Services API Development

One common legacy system upgrade goal of our clients is to build an API into your system so that it may more easily integrate with the other systems in your production environment.

Our architecture team can work with you to create a roadmap to transform your monolithic application into a modern Services Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Cloud Migration of Legacy App

Poorly integrated, difficult to access legacy applications can cost your business both time and money.

By migrating your legacy application to the cloud, you can see substantial improvements to accessibility, reliability, scalability and usability.

We can work with you to move your application to the cloud, and unlock its true potential to your business.

Free Project Estimate

Tell us your project requirements and we can give you a free estimate to tackle the work.

Why Bleum?

  • Easy to work with

    Our teams are adept at Agile and SCRUM development in order to maximize collaboration and minimize friction between our teams.

  • Collaborators, not Order Takers

    Bleum will hand select your team members for intelligence, skills and cultural alignment so they may be more than order takers.  They are trained to take ownership.

  • We understand the development lifecycle

    We can help you in each of the phases of life for your software product and have services that can be tailored over time as the product matures in the market.

  • Process Sophistication

    Bleum is a recognized model for combining a highly metrics-focused and disciplined approach like CMMI Level 5 with Agile principles.

  • Recognized leader in outsourcing

    Bleum has earned a reputation as a beacon of good service in the outsourcing industry.

    We have been recognized for many years by IAOP, Global Services Media and other industry experts for our engineering excellence.

Talk to us to find out how Bleum can help you.