About JDA WMS 9.1

JDA WMS 9.1 is a substantial upgrade from previous WMS versions. Rebuilt from the ground with a new Web User Interface (UI) providing real-time information wherever you are the warehouse – on your computer, on your tablet or on your phone.

And with a new persona-driven design, users only see exactly the functions they need, when they need them, substantially increasing efficiency.

New or enhanced features include:

  • Enhanced menu and operations design – common activities are streamlined
  • Faster and easier to maintain warehouse configuration
  • Multi-device compatibility: Computer, Tablet, Touchscreens
  • A fully configurable workflow to customize to your operation
  • 3PL support – native multi-client architecture, including advanced third-party billing
  • Tight integration with WLM to help manage your most valuable asset – your workforce

Want a quick summary of the benefits of JDA WMS 9.1?

Check out our Infographic for a great summary of the great new features.

New Web UI

The biggest and most obvious new feature of JDA WMS 9.1 is the new Web User Interface (UI).

The Web UI means that WMS 9.1 can be viewed from any internet browser; there is no installation required.

An enhanced menu structure makes it easier for operators to pick up, and the persona-driven design means that different menu structures can be assigned to different users. Actions that are not required can be hidden and common actions can be organized to fit each individual role. These changes significantly reduce the new user training and onboarding process.

In addition to this, fields and forms contain annotations, making even less commonly used functions easy to understand.

Finally, an enhanced online help system is available, containing both basic navigation instructions and detailed usage instructions.

This new UI ensures that operators can get up to speed in record time, work more efficiently and access help when they need it.

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Why Bleum?

Our relationship with RedPrairie goes back to 2003, when we provided development and testing services for RedPrairie WMS.

Over the following years, our team of dedicated RedPrairie developers, testers, support analysts, consultants and trainers grew to over 100 strong.

Following the acquisition of RedPrairie by JDA in 2012 our Bleum teams began work on the new JDA WMS 9.0, with an initial release in 2015 followed by 9.1 in 2016.

Our development teams helped to design, build, test and deploy JDA WMS 9.1.

And Bleum’s JDA Consulting team has worked on implementations in more than 20 countries since 2009.

Our specialist teams of engineers and consultants know JDA WMS 9.1 better than anybody other than JDA themselves – which makes us the perfect implementation partner.

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