What is DevOps?

DevOps, a shortened compound of Development and Operations, is revolutionizing the delivery of software projects.

By combining modern software development paradigms that promote the quick and frequent release of software (Agile) with automated Quality Assurance and automatic build and release, software releases can be faster, more frequent and more reliable.

DevOps is a combination of culture, process, tools, and expertise.

At Bleum we have successfully implemented the DevOps approach on a number of projects for Fortune 500 companies.

DevOps Benefits

Organizations that truly harness the power of DevOps can see impressive results.

The 2016 State of DevOps Report  concludes that high-performing DevOps organizations benefit from:

200 times more frequent deployments
3 times lower change failure rate
24 times faster recovery from failure
2,555 times shorter lead times
The benefits for teams who implemented DevOps partially, or poorly, were markedly lower or in some cases non-existent, indicating the clear value of truly embracing the DevOps culture and approach.

Our Expertise


At Bleum we have developed our own DevOps approach, harnessing our existing internal tools (including proprietary in-house tools for code quality and project management) coupled with our CMMI Level 5 process efficiency.

We have developed integrated processes across the entire development lifecycle, including:

Code Quality
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
Regression Testing
Code Check-in


Over the last 15 years, we have undertaken hundreds of IT projects from small applications with a handful of developers, through to complex, multi-year engagements with teams running into the hundreds. During that time we’ve developed expertise across a huge range of tools and technologies, meaning our engineers have the broad toolset exposure so useful to DevOps. We have specialists in:

Test automation (Robot, Selenium, JUnit, Mockito)
Build automation (Jenkins, Maven)
Web Ops
Network infrastructure
Cloud deployment (OneOps)
Service virtualization
Scalable architecture


DevOps is as much a mindset and philosophy as it is anything else.

Inter-team and inter-department communication are paramount, which is why we provide our engineers with regular communications training and coaching and work to break down barriers between teams through team-building and engagement activities.

We encourage engineers to take a holistic view of every process and to constantly look for improvements. Because of this our DevOps practices are constantly evolving.

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