Problems Solved for SCM

Supply Chain Integration

In the fragmented world of supply chain systems, a poor or non-existent integration between your key systems can have a serious impact.

We can help you seamlessly integrate your supply chain systems with your Enterprise systems, Order Management Systems (OMS), Information Management Systems (IMS) and your Warehouse Control Systems (WCS).

JDA Consulting

Bleum is a premier JDA consulting firm operating throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

Customers choose Bleum because of our intimate knowledge of JDA, which we’ve gained through more than a decade of partnerships with JDA and before that, RedPrairie.

Manufacturing Software Solutions

Manufacturing survival requires understanding and implementing the newest techniques and software.

Bleum teams understand the manufacturing environment and provide insight on how these systems make your business more competitive.

We have particular expertise in Computer Aided Design & Manufacture (CAD/CAM).

Our SCM Offerings

JDA Consulting

We have worked with JDA/RedPrairie for more than a decade.

So whether you need help with a new implementation, support for an existing system or assistance with a product upgrade, as a premier JDA partner, we can help.

Software Development

From new application development to enhancing and maintaining a production systems to sunsetting of a legacy system our teams are both nimble enough to work with your developers and detail oriented enough to ensure a rock solid CMM 5 outcome is achieved every time.

Why Bleum?

  • Deep Experience

    Bleum has been working with customers in both supply chain and manufacturing for more than ten years.

  • Quality People

    We will build your team using our dynamic recruiting process that results in a team of smart, communicative individuals that work well together and take pride in their work.

  • Top Project Management

    With our sophisticated project management process, tools and metrics we will provide you with unprecedented visibility into the output at an individual and team level so that you can always see the status of your projects accurately. No more surprises.

  • Domain Knowledge

    We have a large pool of resource with many years’ experience working for manufacturing and supply chain clients. Our teams are quickly up-to-speed without having to learn the fundamentals of your domain.


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