Problems Solved for Financial Services

Exceptional Quality

You can’t take chances with your production systems.

You need a team able to achieve the highest standards of quality to meet the robust requirements of a mission-critical production system.

A row of spanners (wrenches) on the wall of a workshop indicating performance tuning and maintenance.

Increased Availability

Your production systems demand the highest possible availability.

You need a disciplined, process-driven team who you can implicitly trust to minimize outages and down time with your mission-critical systems.

Improved System Maintainability

You have an important production system that is not well documented and needs some improvement.

You need a team who can create detailed documentation and reverse engineer the system, as well as improving the stability and reliability of the system in the long term.

An image of a microscope - attention to detail is paramount in Quality Assurance.

Defect-Free Systems

You have defects being released into your production systems that should have been identified during testing.

You need a faster, more robust testing practice, incorporating automation testing to remove the chance of human error.

Cutting Edge Tech

You need to innovate to stay ahead of the game.

You would like a team to collaborate with your R&D efforts around integrating Machine Learning into key decision-making systems.

A CMMI team work on an agile backlog board using paper and post-it notes.

Effective Collaboration

You need to work efficiently and effectively with a distributed team.

You are looking for an outsourcing partner who understands Agile/SCRUM and how to tailor for combined shore teams.

Our Financial Services offerings

Offshore Development Center

Bleum can build your Offshore Development Center with staff that have a core understanding of Financial Services in general and the sub-industries of Capital Markets, Retail Banking, Credit Card systems and Insurance.

Our customers keep their ODCs with us for nearly three times the industry standard. Find out why.

Software Development

From new application development to enhancing and maintaining a production systems to sunsetting of a legacy system our teams are both nimble enough to work with your developers and detail oriented enough to ensure a rock solid CMM 5 outcome is achieved every time.

Leverage our skills in areas such as algorithmic trading, low-latency systems and FIX development.

Software Testing

Like well structured code, properly structured test cases and automated testing frameworks are flexible to change and resilient to stresses over time.

Bleum can help you to set up a state of the art testing practice within your organization and we can even do the work for you.


Bleum’s China teams are well suited to monitor your production systems during operation hours for Asian Markets.

Our teams are disciplined in the day to day discipline of managing your development and production environments as well as focused on identifying opportunities for systemic improvements.

Market Gateway Solutions

Modern securities exchanges depend on interfaces with external parties in order to operate.

Whether those parties are exchanges, primary or secondary brokers or their downstream clients, they need to have robust and flexible interfaces to complete all transactions. Bleum can help you to reduce the effort to build and deploy market interfaces, as well as dramatically reduce their latency.

Why Bleum?

  • Zero Defect

    Bleum has one of the highest proven rates of Quality for a software development firm in the world. We have averaged more than 50 percent of all projects completing with zero defects reported by clients.

  • High Security

    Bleum ensures and validates that its delivery centers are verifiably among the most secure in the world.

  • Hydra Code Analytics

    Bleum’s proprietary Hydra system has code analytics that enable the team to visualize and prioritize the security and performance issues of your application to ensure the optimal use of resources for the impact to operational improvements.

  • Documentation Backfill

    Our teams will backfill documentation as they engage your systems.  Over time we can reconstitute the most important aspects of your requirements and architecture.

  • Targeted Metrics

    Your Bleum teams will achieve their superior outcomes by means of sophisticated application of software process and metrics around quality and productivity that enable us to fine tune the development team to your needs.

  • Quality People

    Bleum prides ourselves on building outsourced teams the way we would want them built for us: with smart individuals with the right skills and a can-do, problem-solving attitude

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