IT Problems Solved for Customers in China

Quality Delivery

You worry that a local vendor may not be able to deliver the high product quality and English language ability you want.

You need a high quality local partner with staff that can communicate in English.

An image of a microscope - attention to detail is paramount in Quality Assurance.

Software Testing

You are responsible for locally-running production systems and you worry about outages due to lack of regression and automated test best practices.

You need a partner with expertise in software testing.

China Adaptation

You have a software product that is successful in the West that you would like to adapt to China.

You need experts in China to collaborate with to integrate products unique to China like WeChat and Tmall.

Close up of iPhone screen showing common Chinese messaging apps QQ, Weibo and WeChat.

Free Project Estimate

Arrange a free project estimate today for your next project.

A padlock, with a key, and a large coil of chains to represent security.


You have trouble sleeping at night worrying about a cyber-attack originating in a local system vulnerability.

You need certified security experts to help you identify and remove security threats.

Implementation Support

You need help implementing JDA, Sitecore or Oracle HCM in Asia with your existing high delivery standards, but at a reasonable cost.

Close up of a backlit keyboard of an Apple computer. Generic coding/programming image.

China E-commerce Events

You lack the local experience to handle major China events, such as Alibaba’s Double-Eleven and’s 6/18.

You need a partner with a track record of successful, high transaction-volume China e-commerce integrations.

Our China ITO offerings

Software Development

From new application development to enhancing and maintaining a production systems to sunsetting of a legacy system our teams are both nimble enough to work with your developers and detail oriented enough to ensure a rock solid CMM 5 outcome is achieved every time.

Software Testing

Like well structured code, properly structured test cases and automated testing frameworks are flexible to change and resilient to stresses over time.

Bleum can help you to set up a state of the art testing practice within your organization and we can even do the work for you.

JDA Implementation and Support Consulting

Bleum is the premier JDA solutions provider in the US and Asia Pacific.

We provides the world’s most extensive pool of JDA talent, second only to JDA itself. Whether you need to contain costs on simple projects or rescue runaway projects, you will find no better source of expertise on JDA than Bleum.


Bleum’s presence in China has led to an acute appreciation for the value of information security.

Clients turn to us when their security requirements are high both at an engineering and process level.

Why Bleum?

  • Expert at Agile

    We effectively combine the software engineering maturity usually only found in large firms, in a nimble, professionally-managed foreign firm based in China. We are recognized as a leader in combing CMM and Agile.

  • Certified CMM Process

    We are recognized by CMMI Institute as a role model for companies wanting the best from Agile and Data Driven development. We have already received the highest CMMI Level 5 rating three times.

  • Top Quality

    We have a track record of delivering zero defect projects that is unsurpassed in the industry.

  • High Security

    We have a world class security practice validated through our multi-year ISO 27001 certification.

  • Omnipresent

    We created one of the leading tools, Omnipresent, that combines the statistical management control that is central to a CMM process with Agile principles.

  • Big System Track Record

    We have a track record of building very large systems that are part of Global production environments such as China’s national credit card network China UnionPay.

  • Supply Chain

    Our supply chain expertise in both a global and China context is very deep, after 12 years of developing commercial and private systems in 20+ countries.

  • Trusted in China

    We are a respected member of the China business community. Our founder has chaired many groups like the American Chamber of Commerce IT and Ethics Committee and the China chapter of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.


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