Problems Solved for Software Vendors

Get More for Less

You want a team who deliver great ROI and who aren’t just order takers.

Your Bleum team can work independently with your product owners to take a flow of enhancements from your backlog.

We will first focus on compressing the learning curve, and then optimizing the team and process to achieve high levels of productivity.

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A row of spanners (wrenches) on the wall of a workshop indicating performance tuning and maintenance.

Faster and More Robust Systems

You need help managing your defects. You demand solutions that get to the root cause, not temporary fixes.

We can work your defect queue to drive down the number of high priority issues. And we can analyze your known defects and perform a high-level architectural and code analysis to help you prioritize what issues to tackle first.

Our high end teams can make your system faster by using our repeatable methodology for performance tuning.

Legacy System Performance Tuning

Do you have a legacy system that gets slower and more cumbersome with every passing month?

We can perform a full performance audit to identify the root causes.

But more than that, once we have identified the problems, we can fix them. Whether it’s a database migration, a front-end re-design or a back end optimization, we can help extend the life of your system.

An image of a microscope - attention to detail is paramount in Quality Assurance.

Compress Release Cycles

Are your release cycles getting longer? Are you delivering less functionality each cycle due to expanding test requirements?

We help our clients build resilient automated test programs.

The theoretical benefits of automated regression testing are well known, but not often realized.  We can help you build automated test frameworks for products on which other teams have failed.

Technology Migration

You have a successful system that has grown rapidly and the original architecture is no longer suitable.

It is hard to go back and re-architect the system the way you would have liked to in the first place, or with the hindsight you now possess.

Our teams can help you to ‘lift and shift” a set of functionality from an existing system over to a new technology or platform, so you can continue to grow without worry.

Image of binoculars. Bleum offer regular insightful articles through the Bleum blog.

Add a Web Service or API Layer

Are you losing business because your system can’t integrate in the way your customers demand?

One of the common needs our software providers encounter as their products become successful is the need to provide an API layer, often including a web service.

This makes it easier to manage third party integrations as well as provide some overall progress towards a services architecture.

Our offerings for Software Companies

Offshore Development Center

Bleum can build your Offshore Development Center with staff that have a root understanding of Financial Services in general and the sub-industries of Capital Markets, Retail Banking, Credit Card systems and Insurance.

Software Development

From new application development to enhancing and maintaining a production systems to sunsetting of a legacy system our teams are both nimble enough to work with your developers and detail oriented enough to ensure a rock solid CMM 5 outcome is achieved every time.

Software Testing

Like well structured code, properly structured test cases and automated testing frameworks are flexible to change and resilient to stresses over time.

Bleum can help you to set up a state of the art testing practice within your organization and we can even do the work for you.


Bleum’s China teams are well suited to monitor your production systems during operation hours for Asian Markets.

Our teams are disciplined in the day to day discipline of managing your development and production environments as well as focused on identifying opportunities for systemic improvements.

Why Bleum?

  • Easy to work with

    Our teams are adept at Agile and SCRUM development in order to maximize collaboration and minimize friction between our teams.

  • Collaborators, not Order Takers

    Bleum will hand select your team members for intelligence, skills and cultural alignment so they may be more than order takers.  They are trained to take ownership.

  • We understand the development lifecycle

    We can help you in each of the phases of life for your software product and have services that can be tailored over time as the product matures in the market.

  • Process Sophistication

    Bleum is a recognized model for combining a highly metrics-focused and disciplined approach like CMMI Level 5 with Agile principles.

  • Recognized leader in outsourcing

    Bleum has earned a reputation as a beacon of good service in the outsourcing industry.

    We have been recognized for many years by IAOP, Global Services Media and other industry experts for our engineering excellence.


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