Warehouse Robotics

Many fulfillment centers struggle with the rising expectations of e-commerce customers for fast and accurate service at the same time they juggle labor challenges.  Warehouse automation through robots are the future solution to today’s problems.

Amazon is known to utilize 60,000+ robots throughout its distribution centers.  For a modern logistics operation to succeed, in the future it will likewise need to embrace robotics technologies.

Bleum is positioned to help firms who want to meet and surpass Amazon’s standard-setting efficiencies. Bleum’s teams have built logistics systems for top Supply Chain software providers and end customers for 15 years.  We have built and deployed Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Workforce Management Systems (WFM) and Order Management Systems (OMS) in more than 20 countries around the world.

Bleum is currently developing warehouse robots that will seamlessly integrate with JDA RedPrairie’s and others WMS.  With systems like ours customers can realize a return on their investment in a matter of months by capturing these benefits:

  • Increase order picking throughput
  • Increase inventory density in a warehouse
  • Reduce utility costs including lighting and air conditioning
  • Reduce shrinkage by limiting human interaction with stock items
  • Reduce labor cost (warehouse headcount can be reduced 70-75%)

Bleum is currently seeking forward thinking owners of logistics operations who would like to do a pilot implementation of our integrated systems.  The pilot programs consist of five robots, 30 shelving units and a server.  We are deeply discounting the systems for the first users and will subsidize the integration effort into your existing WMS.

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Technology Research Areas

Some of our main areas of current research include:

  • Sensing and navigation – Radar, Lidar and Computer Vision applications such as SLAM.
  • Smart Behavior – Route-finding, Smart-Slotting, optimization, and self-charging.
  • Human-Robot Interaction – Streamlining the relationship within the work environment.
  • WMS Integration – Integrating robot management software into existing Warehouse Management Systems.

Pilot Projects

There are two ways that interested parties may partner with Bleum in the robotics field.

  1. If you are an existing owner of an Ecommerce distribution center, we will work with you to pilot our warehouse automation robots to determine the cost benefits of scaling the technology across your organization.
  2. If you are a logistics software provider looking to explore developing or integrating robotics into your offerings our teams can work with yours to create prototypes and refine them.

If you are a company that would like to explore how to integrate one of our target technologies into your business we would like to work with you.  Sign up below to become an early adopter and get a lead on your competitors