Robot Operation Videos During Transition

Below you may find videos of our robots in action.  We will be posting new videos on a new website soon, so post these just for the interim for people who cannot wait.

Bleum is spinning off the robotic business into a new company called Prime Robotics.  It will still be owned by Bleum, but Prime will be the brand for all future robotic products and services.

Stay tuned for the upgraded website and video coming soon.

Promotional Video

This is the video from the homepage.  It shows the robots close up, acting in a synchronized way and performing a pick operation.  This can show the essence of how the system works to some energized music.

Picking Operation Close Up

This video shows more close up of the robots driving into the picking queue and the picker selecting items from the shelves and placing them in the totes on the order rack.  The goal of our continuous software improvements is to keep the queue of robots full so that the picker does not experience any delays.

Safety Features

Our robots have a very powerful LiDar sensor on the front that enables it to see obstacles in front of it quickly and accurately.  It doesn’t just know there is an obstacle in front of it, but it senses the exact distance.  If there obstacle/person is within the robot’s planned driving path, the robot will slow to a creep and eventually stop if the obstacle doesn’t move.  If, on the other hand, the person is standing just a few inches outside the planned path of the robot, it will know and will not slow down unless the human enters its path.

Web Console

Our Robot Control System includes a web console that lets you view your active map and the status/location of all system elements within it.  One can see the robots in movement and even what order a particular robot is working.  One can send commands to the robots and inspect the SKUs in individual shelves.  At the beginning of the day one can start the robots operating and at the end of the day send them to their home points.

Picking Touchscreen

This video shows what the picker sees as they are performing their work.  Our system provides multiple levels of redundancy.  Besides a laser that points to the slot in a shelf that holds the SKU to be picked, there is also a graphical representation of the slot structure of the shelf displayed on the touchscreen.  The slot to be picked from and the quantity to be picked is clearly identified to make it as simple as possible for the operator to perform their job.