Pilot Projects

Making the move from a traditional warehouse to one automated with robots is a big step for any organization.  Getting buy-in across the organization means more than just demonstrating the economic value.  One needs to understand the issues with reconfiguring their space and their workforce.

At Bleum we understand this and are confident that if customers give the system a try, that the benefits are enormous and will be compelling to your entire team.

One good way to overcome the fear of change it to first install a pilot system to work out the issues and then once a small success is achieved, to grow the installation.  Bleum will work with qualified buyers to help make it easy to pilot our robotic system and determine if it is the right fit for your organization.

We are confident that once your team experiences the benefits and simplicity of our robotic system, that there will be no turning back.

Pilot Projects Requirements

  • 10-25 Robots
  • 1 Inbound integrated pick station
  • 1 outbound integrated pick station
  • 1 Robot Control System (RCS) Server
  • 100-250 Shelves
  • 3 Fast-Recharge Stations
  • Other required IT equipment
Close up image of a watch. Bleum has worked with many high frequency trading clients where time is critical!

Pilot Project Timeline

Activity Time
Business Process Mapping to determine what modifications to workflow are necessary 1 week
Interfacing our RCS with your WMS 2-4 weeks
Facilities Layout (precisely placing navigation markers on your floor) 1 week
Building and placing shelves and pick stations 1 week
Go-live activities including training of your staff 2 weeks
Onsite Post-implementation support 1 month

Warehouse Management System Integration

Bleum will provide the integration consulting with most of the major WMS systems such as JDA/RedPrairie, Manhattan Associates, Highjump, Netsuite and others.  Bleum has a 15 years’ experience building and integrating and deploying these systems and knows well the underlying business processes and how the each work.

Bleum’s RCS is set up essentially as a storage location within your WMS and we control everything beyond the order being passed from your WMS to our RCS.

Benefits of the Pilot Program

Lock in your quantity pricingBleum will extend quantity discount pricing to qualified buyers so that they may enjoy the same pricing on the first 10-25 robots as they would get when they grow to a full system.
Validate the benefits of the robot system for less costA 10 robot system is of enough scale that you will be able to realize the speed and productivity gains that come from deploying the system

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