Bleum’s Picking Station is an Integrated Part to Our Robotic System

Bleum doesn’t just make robots, we make all the parts necessary to implement a fully integrated Automated Warehouse Solution.

An important part of our automated warehouse solution is the picking station that works in tandem with the robots.  The system is made up of three critical subsystems all designed to make the act of picking faster and more accurate.  The three systems are:

  1. Smart Rack
  2. Laser Pointer
  3. Picking Monitor with Scanner and Numeric Keypad

The combination of our robots and our integrated Picking Stations result in dramatic productivity gains for a picker.  In a traditional warehouse where the picker walks around with an RF gun and fills an order at a time, they may achieve 30 to at most 50 picks per hour.  Seasoned users of Bleum’s integrated pick station can achieve picking speeds of 500-700 picks per hour with much lower error rates.

Smart Rack

Bleum has developed an integrated Smart Rack where you place SKUs belonging to an order.  Bleum’s Smart Rack currently supports the picker to work on 12 orders simultaneously.  The rack has spaces for bins which each represent an order, and each bin has a lighted button underneath of it.  This tells the picker where to place the SKU that has just been picked from a robotic shelf.  When the picker places the item in the bin, they press the lighted button which then tells Bleum’s RCS (Robot Control System) to advance to the next item in the pick Queue

Picking Computer

The picker focuses on the monitor that is mounted on the Smart Rack.  The monitor is attached to a computer that is running Bleum’s proprietary picking software that is integrated with our RCS (Robot Control System).  The monitor shows the picker the quantity to be picked from the next robotic shelf and which slot on the shelf that item is to be found.  Once the picker takes the item from the slot on the robotic shelf, they scan it using the integrated bar code scanner and then place it in the identified bin on the Smart Rack.

Laser Pointer

When the robot pulls up to the picker in the picking station, an integrated laser pointer mounted above and behind the picker on the Smart Rack, points to the correct slot on the robotic shelf from which the picker should take a SKU.  The picker merely needs to look at their picking computer monitor to see what quantity is to be picked and then grab that quantity from the slot marked by the pointer.  This makes it quick and easy for the picker to pick when there are many slots on the shelf configured.