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Bleum's JDA WMS Trace Digger tool is a vital part of our implementation and support toolbox for WMS projects. The tool's author, Sam Ni, gives us the lowdown on its features and benefits.
9 Reasons to Upgrade to JDA WMS 9.1 Infographic

[Infographic] 9 Reasons to Upgrade to JDA WMS 9.1

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps? An Outsider’s Perspective

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Watering the Plants: Is China Finally Embracing Software Outsourcing?

Outsourcing companies serving Western clients have been operating in China now for decades, leveraging China's large talent pool to provide high-value and high-quality service. But within China, there has historically been a reluctance to fully embrace the outsourcing model for local projects. Bleum Senior Engineering Director Dennis Wang shares his thoughts and experiences.

Simple Distributed Monitoring for your Trading Adapters

As an electronic trading firm, how can you best monitor your exchange adapters? The solution needs to be scalable, secure & not affect your trading performance.

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