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Performance testing is a vital component of any testing strategy. After all, what use is a slow system that frustrates, or even crashes for your users?

We can push your system to its limits, as well as performing tests at standard loads, incorporating behavioral modeling to determine likely user interactions and paths.

We offer a full suite of multi-platform functional testing frameworks, so regardless of your technology, we have the skills, tools and processes to help.

  • Load testing

    Performing a load tests will ensure your system can stand up to its expected number of users.

    By monitoring every part of the system, from CPU and memory usage to onward integrations and load times, we can provide a comprehensive view of how your system will perform in the real world, along with pin-point suggestions to improve performance.

  • Soak testing

    An endurance test will test how your system performs under a continuously sustained load.

    The secret to a good soak strategy is to monitor for any sign of performance degradation, and identify the true root cause of the problem.

  • Stress testing

    A stress test will push your system to its absolute limits – but what do you do when it fails?

    Our years of experience working with highly scalable systems for some of the world’s largest companies mean can give you expert advice on scalable architectures, for both software and hardware.

  • Spike testing

    Can your application handle a sudden spike in demand?

    Our experience helping US companies handle Cyber Monday, and customers in China deal with 11-11, means we know how to spike test – but most importantly, we know how to handle a spike without server failure or performance degradation.


We have experience with a broad range of testing technologies, including:



HP LoadRunner

Apache JMeter




IBM Rational Performance Tester