Small Warehouse Robot
Regular Duty Robot
Max Carrying Weight1, 100 Lbs. or 500KG
Max Speed5 Ft/sec or 1.5 M/sec
Battery Duration at Maximum Load8 Hours
Heavy Duty Robot
Max Carrying Weight2,200 Lbs. or 1,000 KG
Max Speed3 Ft/sec or 1 M/sec
Battery Duration at Maximum Load6.5 Hours

Bleum has been developing its robots for 3 years starting with simple robot kits and building up in complexity and functionality until we have arrived at today’s models.  They are robust from both a hardware and software point of view.  The have two drive motors for movement and one motor to power the lifting mechanism and one motor to handle counter rotation when the bot needs to turn, but not the shelf.

For safety the front of the robot holds an ultrasonic sensor that will make it stop if there is an obstacle in the way and inform it to continue once the obstacle is gone.

The system also has two cameras.  One that points down for navigation purposes and one that points up to ensure that the robot is lifting and moving the intended shelf.