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Scrum Scenario Based. From End to End.

Omnipresent product backlog refinement. Allows creating of new stories, prioritizing, assigning to epics and story point entry.

Backlog Refinement

Omnipresent’s product backlog wall enables the product manager and scrum team to see detailed requirements for each item and focus on the most valuable items for the scrum team to deliver in the upcoming sprints.

Sprint Planning

Using the sprint planning board, the scrum team and product manager go through high priority items and decide which stories will be delivered in the coming sprint.

Sprint Planning board. Backlog is shown on the left, and sprints on the right. Allows drag and drop to assign items to a sprint.
Omnipresent Daily Meeting. On the left, a list of unassigned stories. The main screen in the middle shows each team member in the first column, and then the stories that are 'new', 'in progress' or 'done' for each of them. On the right side is a burndown chart and defect chart.

Daily Meeting

The scrum team assign story tasks and track sprint task progress on the scrum board, allowing the team to focus on delivering maximum value with each sprint.

Sprint Demo

During the sprint demo, the project team show the product owner and other stakeholders their working products and collect their feedback. The product owner might identify new stories and bugs that need to be addressed in the following sprint.

Omnipresent Sprint Demo wall. Allows drag and drop of completed stories to either be 'approved' or 'rejected'. Also allows new stories to be created.
Omnipresent Spring Retrospective wall. Indicates four areas: 'start doing', 'continue doing', 'stop doing' and 'escalating' used during sprint retrospective meetings to log thoughts.


The product owner and project team sit together at the end of each sprint to review the work done and look for improvement opportunities. The meeting result is captured in terms of ‘start doing’, ‘continue doing’, ‘stop doing’ and ‘escalating’ items.

Integrate with Jenkins

Integrate with Jenkins and monitor source code compile status and automation testing errors. Automatically send alerts to the scrum team to ensure errors are fixed as quickly as possible.


Mobile Scrum Tool to Go

The Omnipresent mobile app allows each member of an agile team to track their assignments and receive reminders. More importantly, it tracks member utilization in real time allowing project managers to check any project status through their smartphone any time anywhere.


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Cross Scrum Team Dependency

Identify, track and solve cross scrum team dependency in sprint planning meeting and daily scrum meeting till dependency solved.

Full transparency

Visibility across teams and projects. Information isn’t siloed.

Highly customizationable

Fits the way you work. Each team can set up their own workflow.

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