What is an ODC?

Why Choose a Bleum ODC?

Problems Solved with an ODC

Strategically Add Capacity

Outsourcing single projects make sense when you do not have a recurring need.

The overhead around setting up and governing projects can become a burden for each piece of work when you have a stream of work you need to be done.

Bundling together like work into an ODC reduces the incremental overhead of each piece of work providing you with strategic capacity.

A CMMI team work on an agile backlog board using paper and post-it notes.
Chess pieces on an iPad - strategy and technology combined.

Reduced Investment in Learning Curve

Because your team is retained, you will not need to invest in the learning curve for follow on projects in a similar area.

When you only commit to one project the vendor must manage utilization meaning you may lose the knowledge investment in team member if there is a gap between projects.

Follow the Sun

Customers with Global operations benefit by having a dedicated team in an off-hours time zone.

Whether you need to provide production support during non-working hours in the West or you wish to compress release cycles by making use of the full clock, an ODC can provide an enormous benefit.

A field of sunflowers.

Agile Compatibility

Collaboration between your team and the offshore team is critical to the success of your outsourcing initiative.

It is a bit like buying a suit. You can save time and money by buying an off the rack suit, but inevitably you compromise on fit.

With a bespoke, collaborative ODC built around your existing operating model, you can guarantee a perfect match.

Quality Assurance

You would like a testing/QA team that will make your in-house teams more effective by finishing up and validating their work during the night.

An image of a microscope - attention to detail is paramount in Quality Assurance.

What your ODC can provide

Software Development

From new application development to enhancing and maintaining a production systems to sunsetting of a legacy system our teams are both nimble enough to work with your developers and detail oriented enough to ensure a rock solid CMM 5 outcome is achieved every time.

Software Testing

Like well structured code, properly structured test cases and automated testing frameworks are flexible to change and resilient to stresses over time.

Bleum can help you to set up a state of the art testing practice within your organization and we can even do the work for you.

DevOps and Infrastructure Support

From the latest hardware and software applications, the cloud, mobile apps and virtualization, agile support, management and integration of corporate infrastructure, networks and systems can be complex, expensive and time-consuming to maintain.

We can help.

Application Support

Our experienced teams can provide application support for a wide-range of applications and technologies, freeing up your in-house teams to work on other things.

Why a Bleum ODC?

Our customers keep their ODCs with us for nearly three times the industry standard.

  • Faultless Delivery

    Our focus on statistical management control and CMMI Level 5 capabilities results in near perfect delivery over the course of several cycles. We achieve zero defect projects more than fifty percent of the time.

  • Quality People

    We will build your team using our dynamic recruiting process that results in a team of smart, communicative individuals that work well together and take pride in their work.

  • World-class Security

    Our strong information security practice is ISO 27001 certified and PCI compliant meaning you can sleep with the peace of mind that your vendor takes protection of your assets as vitally important.

  • Top Project Management

    With our sophisticated project management process, tools and metrics we will provide you with unprecedented visibility into the output at an individual and team level so that you can always see the status of your projects accurately. No more surprises.

  • Low Schedule Variance

    Our strong project management process resulted in an average schedule variance over the last year of X%. We deliver on-time and on-budget.

  • Quick Learners

    Because managing ODCs is our core service we are great at performing Knowledge Acquisition in an efficient and methodical manner. We will reduce the time it takes to realize a return on your investment in the team.