Modern securities exchanges depend on interfaces with external parties in order to operate.

Whether those parties are exchanges, primary or secondary brokers or their downstream clients, they need to have robust and flexible interfaces to complete all transactions. Bleum can help firms reduce the effort to build and deploy these interfaces as well as dramatically reduce their latency.

CIOs and heads of electronic trading firms turn to Bleum to help them when:

  1. They are having interface deployment issues with various exchanges and market participants
  2. They find it takes too much time and effort to handle all of the changes required to all of the interfaces with their counterparties
  3. They are having a bottleneck in trade execution they suspect comes from the interface to counterparties

Our Solutions

Market Gateway Adapter

Bleum has built a basic framework of common functions that each of your gateways will perform.

We can modify and enhance this framework to accelerate your development of adaptors.

We make use of the most up to date specifications such as Fix 5.0 SP2 connectivity.

Dedicated Team

Bleum can build you a team that is familiar with all aspects of these connectivity issues in the form of an Offshore Development Center (ODC).

The team can work on gateway development, testing, certification and deployment to the exchange.

Learn more about Bleum’s innovative ODC approach >>

Gateway Monitoring

Bleum can perform network monitoring for your Market Gateways or other production systems.

Our team will build a monitoring tool for your gateway adapters and can either provide 24/7 monitoring, or compliment your existing resource by only monitoring Asia trading hours.

Read more about adapter monitoring >>

Order Routing Whitepaper

Learn how we helped a New York-based hedge fund improve their order execution speed by 1500%.

Why Bleum?

  • Experienced

    Bleum has built more than 100 market connectivity adapters so far

  • Reduce Latency

    We have enabled clients to reduce latency by more than 97%

  • Performance

    Our gateways can handle 60,000 trades per second on one CPU

  • Exchange Deployment

    Bleum has worked with more than 20 exchanges around the world on behalf of our clients to certify and deploy their gateways.

  • Low-latency Development

    We are expert in low-latency development utilizing code profiling and performance testing tools to wring every last bit of performance from a system

  • Quality

    As a CMMI 5 accredited organization, we have the discipline and track record to build robust and resilient systems

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