RedPrairie & JDA Support

Bleum has been providing support directly on behalf of JDA for more than five years. A team of experienced Bleum support engineers operate as JDA’s tier 3 support team for the Asia Pacific region. This team was drawn from JDA WMS developers who helped originally design and build the products they now support.

This same high standard of support engineers can be available to support your JDA or RedPrairie systems.

  • Tier 1-3 support. Our support organization provides full-spectrum coverage for your applications. We provide front-line (tier 1) support through to code customizations and enhancements (tier 3).
  • 24×7 availability. With support staff in both North America and Asia we can provide seamless 24×7 coverage, or just cover your core business hours.
  • Easy to contact. Raise tickets via email, telephone or via a ticketing system.
  • World-class SLAs. We resolve tickets faster than anyone else due to our engineers’ unprecedented knowledge of JDA/RedPrairie systems.
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Our RedPrairie / JDA Support Heritage

Learn more about our support services relationship with RedPrairie / JDA.

Applications We Support

We can support a broad range of current and legacy JDA and RedPrairie applications, including:

  • RedPrairie / JDA Warehouse Management System (WMS) – All versions [2005 – 9.1]
  • RedPrairie Dispatcher – All versions
  • RedPrairie WLM / WFM / LM (Warehouse Labor Management)
  • Integrator
  • EMS
  • Web Visibility (LENS)
  • RF

Why Bleum?

Our relationship with RedPrairie goes back to 2003, when we provided development and testing services for RedPrairie WMS.

Over the following years, our team of dedicated RedPrairie developers, testers, support analysts, consultants and trainers grew to over 100 strong.

Following the acquisition of RedPrairie by JDA in 2012 our Bleum teams began work on the new JDA WMS 9.0, with an initial release in 2015 followed by 9.1 in 2016.

Working with Bleum gives you:

  1. The highest quality support staff, with an average tenure of more than 5 years working exclusively with JDA/RedPrairie products. Compared to other support providers, our support engineers have JDA development knowledge, as well as capability in configuration, process improvement and enhancements.
  2. A seamless relationship with JDA support. For issues where a ticket needs to be raised with JDA for a bug or defect, we can manage that relationship seamlessly. In some cases, we may even be liaising with other Bleum staff who are working in the same office, but on behalf of JDA.
  3. Faster response. With a standard service desk arrangement, escalations between tiers add time and complexity to the situation. At Bleum, we combine our T1-T3 support into a single layer, allowing an unprecedented quality of tier 1 support and ensuring that issues are resolved as quickly as possible.
  4. Specialized tools and resources. With custom-created tools, such as our JDA WMS Trace Digger, we can find the root cause of problems quickly and accurately.
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