A calculator - used to illustrate calculation of insurance premiums.

Bleum has worked with a number of different insurance firms from property and casualty to life.

We’ve worked with firms who needed Bleum’s high level of domain and engineering expertise in:

  • Business Intelligence (big data analysis, reporting, dashboard, ETL, etc.)
  • Digital Marketing & CMS (end-to-end marketing automation, campaign management, channel management, customer profiling and tracking with view and experience analytics)
  • Cloud based internet insurance platform and the use of micro services to push new insurance products in days and accelerate a products’ time to market

For example, a life insurer in the American Midwest was having significant performance issues with their risk reporting system. Drawing information from multiple data sources the firm’s end-of-day reports were taking hours to run and their partner at the time was not able to fix the performance issues. Bleum sent a team in to analyze the insurer’s architecture and look for performance improvements.

After two months the Bleum team had identified multiple improvement vectors and was able to demonstrate a reduction in report generation times from 6+ hours down to less than 12 minutes.

These are the kind of results Bleum can help your company achieve.