Close up on three credit cards on a table.

Since Bleum’s heritage is in the credit card industry we have a unique depth of knowledge to help your organization.

We’ve worked on both the retail and merchant sides of the credit card industry, as well as in-house systems and external processors like First Data and T-Systems.

Some examples of the areas where Bleum has in-depth experience are:

  • Customer Relationship Management Systems – Bleum has experience performance tuning these applications to drive down average call time and developing new functionality.
  • Credit Scoring Systems – Bleum has implemented a credit-scoring platform for an Asian financial institution that incorporated basic concepts from machine learning where little credit information was available.
  • Fraud Detection Systems
  • Online and mobile portals for customers

If your firm operates in the credit card space and has concerns about quality, stability, efficiency or security, Bleum is the right partner for you.