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我们拥有CMMI Level 5 和ISO 27001资质,能确保我们的质量管控流程完全符合最高标准。

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As a result of our track record of delivering zero defect projects, Bleum’s teams are best suited to work on those systems where highly engineered software is critical.

The kinds of systems that benefit from Bleum’s unique blending of Total Quality Management (TQM) principles and Agile methodologies are:

  • Legacy Production Systems

    Legacy production systems that are having difficulty scaling to increased demand. We have sophisticated engineering techniques to analyze your architecture and prioritize the fixes that will have the biggest impact on performance or extensibility.

  • Always-On Systems

    Always-On transaction systems that need to be robust, secure and speedy.

  • Software Products

    Software publishers find it easy and predictable to work with our methodical teams.

  • Commercial Transaction Systems

    Commercial transaction systems that will evolve with high execution performance and security requirements.

  • Shortened Release Cycles

    Production systems that need shortened release cycles.

Performance by Design

Bleum’s motto, ‘Performance by Design’ has two meanings.

  • First, this refers to how we have structured our company and development processes to produce the highest performance teams. Our Offshore Development Center (ODC) teams are trained to compress the learning curve of your business and application and become productive quickly.
  • Second, our methodical approach to designing and developing software ensures that it exceeds performance expectations now and into the future. This deliberate execution is a characteristic of Bleum.

We believe in tackling risk at the beginning of projects in order to fail forward fast. That means that rather than pushing off risk till the later stages of a project and calling it loosely “technical debt,” we identify and mitigate risk as early as possible through the use of technical prototypes and load testing of executable architectures.

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