Offshore Development Center

Are you tired of poor results from your outsourcing efforts?

Like many things in life, you get out of outsourcing what you put into it.  Let Bleum show you a more sustainable model that aligns you with your provider in true partnership.

Software Development

Highly Disciplined Teams for Mission Critical Development

We have the high performance teams, process efficiency, and domain expertise to deliver bullet proof software that is well documented

Software Testing

Do you systems operate exactly to your design and specifications?

At Bleum we have developed a wealth of experience in all kinds of software testing. From functional testing, to performance testing, to web testing to mobile testing.


Does your organization need to improve its ability to deliver quickly and often?

Modern software processes tightly combine process, tools and culture to produce greater agility to iterate your production systems faster with improved stability.

Our Pedigree

For more than a decade Bleum has been working with companies all around the world. From some of the world’s largest companies, to SMEs and fast-growing startups.

We have experience working with customers in a broad range of industries including financial services; manufacturing and supply chain; retail and e-commerce; and independent software vendors.

If you need a partner that can deliver the highest quality, on-time and on-budget, then talk to us.

Partner with us today.