Our JDA Consulting Services

Project Implementation

There are many professional JDA consulting partners who can do a fine job helping with very standard warehouses. What sets Bleum apart is our ability to do customizations. With over 13 years’ product development experience with JDA products like WMS, TMS and WFM we have seen every situation and know how to build customizations better than any other consultants.

We have taken part in implementations in over 20 different countries. We have integrated every imaginable workflow with all of the major applications that are likely in your production environment, such as ERP, Order Management, Point of Sale, Transportation and others.

To learn more, view a JDA WMS implementation case study.

A large warehouse in the background, with some pallets in the foreground.

Support and Training

Bleum has a large team that does JDA product support directly to end customers as well as to JDA itself. Because of our long years of providing support , we have seen it all. If the problem is possible to solve, our team will solve it.

We provide 24X7 support to global customers and can provide first line support in English, Chinese and Spanish. We provide support for the following JDA (RedPrairie) products:

  • Warehouse Management (WMS) – Discrete and Dispatcher all versions
  • Transportation Management (TMS) – RedPrairie and I2 versions
  • Workforce Management (WFM) and others

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Download our RedPrairie/JDA Case Study

For over 13 years Bleum has worked closely with RedPrairie, and latterly JDA. From new feature development to software testing; from support to professional services. Find out more about our closest partnership.

JDA WMS 9.x Upgrades

JDA plans to phase out its core WMS over the coming years and move customers to their new 9.1 version.

9.1 is more than an incremental release and fundamentally changes the user interface and other processing.  Your users will need to be retrained on the new functionality.  Since Bleum developed the code for 9.X we know the product the best and are able to smooth out the migration path and minimize disruption to your workflows and teams.

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On Demand Resources

Sometimes customers just need a few extra resources to help them complete their project.

Since Bleum has the largest JDA talent pool in the world outside of JDA, we should be the first place to look.  Resources can work offshore at Bleum’s facilities in China, onshore in the US from our Denver office, or work onsite with your team throughout the day.

Support Center for Legacy WMS (RedPrairie)

For legacy WMS systems which are no longer supported by JDA, we have the capability and capacity to provide helpdesk support, including L1/L2/L3 tickets.

Our 13+ year relationship with RedPrairie (and now JDA) means we are the obvious choice for RedPrairie support.

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Why Bleum?

  • Deep Experience

    Bleum has been a strategic partner of JDA/RedPrairie for 12+ years.

    We began by doing product development on RedPrairie’s execution products and then moved into doing implementation projects; we have implemented many projects around the world.

  • Direct Resourcing

    We have been providing consultants to other JDA implementation partners and even JDA directly for more than five years.

    Our consultants are also available for direct engagement.

  • Project Management

    When you cannot take chances on the schedule or strength of your implementation project you will need a team with strong project management skills.

    Our experienced project managers can help drive your implementation along the right path.

  • Global Reach

    Bleum teams have implemented JDA projects in more than 20 countries utilizing both onsite and offshore resources.

    With development teams located in China, the US and plans to expand into Latin America and Eastern Europe we can cover the time zones needed for global operations.

  • Accelerators

    Because we have such a deep experience developing and implementing JDA’s products we have built up solutions and frameworks to accelerate future implementations.

    For example, we are able to make your releases more efficient and predictable by utilizing our automated testing solutions.

  • JDA 9.0 Upgrades

    Like many other JDA products, Bleum has been involved in the actual product development for the 9.0 and beyond releases.

    We developed much of the source code in the new version so understand it better than anyone outside of JDA.

    This combined with our product development experience on WMS means that our team will solve your JDA 9.0 upgrade issues better and faster than other teams who are new to the product.