Close up image of a watch. Bleum has worked with many high frequency trading clients where time is critical!

Capital markets firms are in a constant race to identify actionable insight and execute decisions faster.

Concurrently, their systems are highly complex and interconnected, making it risky to enhance them without impacting other systems.

Low latency systems need to be highly tuned to suit the production environment, including both software and hardware.

Bleum’s teams are able to reduce the latency on trading applications by analyzing the architecture and source code. Examining time logs allows us to see system slowdowns. We pull the code into two tools: a reverse engineering tool that helps us visualize the architecture, and Hydra CQ, Bleum’s static code analysis tool. Through this process we can accurately improve your architecture or code and methodically reduce the latency.

Bleum’s teams have the domain knowledge regarding front office trading systems, middle office settlement systems, and back office compliance and accounting systems. We can create your data warehouse and ETL (extract-transform-load) and analyze the resulting data.

Market Connectivity Solution

Capital markets firms need to connect with exchanges in order to execute trades. Often the connections to the exchanges are a source of delay in trading execution. In addition, many of these connections need to be maintained across multiple exchanges.

Ideally, a trading firm will use an architecture that componentizes the connection into an adapter, creating an abstraction layer between the core systems and the exchange, making it easier to maintain and optimize and reduce development costs.

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