What We Do

Bleum specializes in two business lines.  The firm was originally founded and grew rapidly as a provider of high performance computing solutions through a business model called ODC (Offshore Development Centers).  Secondly, we now produce advanced robotic systems designed to automate large scale warehouses and factories.

Small Warehouse Robot

Bleum Background

Bleum began as a software development company focused on building high performance computing solutions for some of the World’s largest firms.  Initially specializing in high volume transaction systems for financial institutions, over the years we developed capabilities in supply chain systems through our partnership with RedPrairie, now JDA.  Having developed many of their products and implemented them around the World, we saw how automation and robotics could dramatically improve operations for large scale distribution centers.  In 2015 Bleum began developing our own robotic solution and have refined it through multiple generations of evolution to arrive our our current first generation production model.  We design, build and implement a completely integrated solution including the robots, the software, the pick stations and we provide the consultants to implement and adapt the system to your production environment.

Our Approach

Bleum built its initial success by mastering complex software engineering processes.  With an entrepreneurial culture we remain on the lookout for ways that we may extend our engineering acumen to help our customers achieve competitive advantage.  This approach is embodied in our current robotics solutions.  Seeing the challenges presented by a quickly automating Amazon and difficult labor markets we saw the need and developed the engineering capability to dramatically change the speed and efficiency of the supply chains of large companies..

Bleum currently has development teams in China and the USA and has sales offices in USA, UK and China.  We currently manufacture our robots in China, but will begin manufacturing in the US for North American Customers in 2018

Bleum will continue to evolve and refine both our software development teams and our robotic solution offerings to enable companies to outperform their competitors now and into the future.


Company Founded

11 years

CMMI 5 Certified


Projects with zero defects


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Offshore Development Centers

Yes, we still provide high-performance software development teams for customers in multiple industries. Find out more about our unique approach to outsourcing – the Bleum ODC.

Where We Can Help

As a result of our track record of delivering zero defect projects, Bleum’s teams are best suited to work on those systems where highly engineered software is critical.

The kinds of systems that benefit from Bleum’s unique blending of Total Quality Management (TQM) principles and Agile methodologies are:

Legacy production systems that are having difficulty scaling to increased demand. We have sophisticated engineering techniques to analyze your architecture and prioritize the fixes that will have the biggest impact on performance or extensibility.

Always-On transaction systems that need to be robust, secure and speedy.

Software publishers find it easy and predictable to work with our methodical teams.

Production systems that need shortened release cycles.

Zero Defect Development graph - Bleum achieves more than half of all projects at zero defect

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