Mobile application testing ensures that your apps  function correctly and consistently on the target mobile devices.

With such a wide variety of mobile devices, mobile OSes and mobile operators, your mobile testing strategy must have all your bases covered.

Does your application work on a BlackBerry, on a legacy OS version, over CDMA?
What about on an entry level OEM smartphone, with a custom Android OS through GSM?

Whatever it is, we can help you test it.

We offer a full suite of multi-platform testing frameworks, so regardless of your technology, we have the skills, tools and processes to help.

Chess pieces on an iPad - strategy and technology combined.

Usability Testing

Your application needs to be easy to use and respond quickly to your users. And it needs to do that regardless of the device or OS.

With a detailed usability testing strategy you can ensure a seamless and consistent user experience.

Interrupt testing

How does your mobile application handle interruptions? Phone calls. Messages. Notifications. Dead batteries. They can all interrupt the user experience and need to be handled appropriately.

A padlock, with a key, and a large coil of chains to represent security.

Security Testing

Your mobile applications need the same level of enterprise-grade security as any desktop application.

With app security testing, you can be confident of App Store approval – and know that your application is safe for your users.


We have experience with a broad range of testing technologies, including:



Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile