A row of spanners (wrenches) on the wall of a workshop indicating performance tuning and maintenance.

Functional testing is about ensuring what you build exactly matches the design and specification.

We can help you to quickly identify problems, but more than that, we can offer you advice on how to actually fix the problems we find – saving you both time and money.

We offer a full suite of multi-platform functional testing frameworks, so regardless of your technology, we have the skills, tools and processes to help.

  • Smoke testing

    Testing the most important functionality of your system up-front, smoke testing will reveal any critical systems issues.

    With automated smoke testing for every build, you can be confident in the quality of each build, and spend your valuable time on more detailed testing.

  • Usability testing

    Whether with hallway testing, remote usability testing or expert review this is a vital and often overlooked testing approach.

    We can help you integrate advanced concepts, like automated expert review and A/B testing into your approach. Your end users will thank you for it!

  • Regression testing

    With a well-designed and automated regression testing approach, you can guarantee that your latest enhancements and patches are not breaking other areas of your system.

  • Acceptance testing

    Thorough acceptance testing is the key to any successful software release.

    Leverage our frameworks, tools and above all our expertise to ensure your end users will be satisfied with the final product.