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API testing tests the application performance interfaces (APIs) connected to your system. Whether you’re using internal APIs or third-party APIs, thorough and repeatable testing is vital.

In a world of increasingly agile and iterative development, testing performed through the user interface is becoming more difficult. When your GUI changes frequently, it can mean redesigning test scripts frequently. Testing at the messaging layer can mitigate this; by testing the API functionality you can spend less time rewriting your interface-based tests and more time testing system functionality.

We offer a full suite of multi-platform testing frameworks, so regardless of your technology, we have the skills, tools and processes to help.

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Unit Testing

By testing the functionality of individual system components early, and frequently, you can find problems as early as possible in your development cycle.

At Bleum we have run many projects using Test Driven Development (TDD), where the test case is the written before any code at all. With an organized automation strategy, even with a large and complex code-base, this can guarantee consistency throughout your entire project.

Web API testing

Need to test your RESTful APIs or SOAP web services? Over HTTP, HTTPS or JMS? Messaging with SWIFT, FIX or EDI?

We’ve worked with clients across a broad range of industries. We can test from the simplest REST web API to the most complex micro-second financial trading platform.


We have experience with a broad range of testing technologies, including: