Our presence in China has led to an acute appreciation for the value of information security.
Clients turn to us when their security requirements are high both at an engineering and process level.
Our robust security paradigm not only provides a strong safety net to our general ODC operations, but customers with high security concerns also leverage our expertise in other ways.

Your Security Problems, Solved

Testing with Production Data

Your systems behavior is so complex, you need to test with production data.

You need a partner with the processes and safeguards to scrub and handle that data safely.

Image of man typing on Macbook. Illustrating the services Bleum offer.

Software Architecture

You need support designing a truly secure software architecture for your mission critical systems.

Security Audit

You want a third-party security audit of your applications or systems, wherever they are located in the world.

You need to go beyond analysis of static code files and capture cross application behavior and even perform detailed Zero Day analysis.

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Image of binoculars. Bleum offer regular insightful articles through the Bleum blog.

IP Exposure

Your IP is exposed at a low level and you demand a partner who can properly compartmentalize knowledge in a secure way, whilst maintaining effective collaboration.

Worried About Your System Security?

Contact us to arrange a security audit – and sleep easier at night knowing your systems are truly secure.

Why Bleum?

  • Strength in Depth

    Our defense in depth approach to security reduces the chance of any kind of breach, whether accidental or intentional.

  • Statistical Approach

    Our statistical approach to security ensures that resources are allocated to security practices that have the greatest reduction to risk.

  • Measure Twice, Cut Once

    Our measure twice, cut once approach to work prevents carelessness and the vulnerabilities that arise from it.

  • ISO 27001 Certified

    Our operation is recognized as best practice and has been awarded ISO 27001 certifications continuously since 2006.

  • Security Culture

    We recognize that an important part of security is culture and we have a culture that is consistent in enforcing and rewarding good behavior through regular security quizzes and assessments.