Our R&D Approach

Bleum’s customers benefit from a combination of our engineering excellence, industry domain knowledge and from our insight into the best uses of emerging technologies gleaned from our diverse experience implementing mission critical projects for industry leaders.

One way that we hone our technical capabilities is by doing Research and Development into the most promising technologies.

Internally we create projects through which our teams may learn the basics of how to use the latest technology. However this only provides us with a hypothetical or academic understanding of a technology. To make this research more practical, we seek customers who also would like to explore an emerging technology and have a real world case to which we could apply it.

Chess pieces on an iPad - strategy and technology combined.

Target Technologies


Automation and Robotics are key to continued productivity gains in many industries that have a high labor cost component.

Bleum is currently experimenting with various robotics technologies with the goal of creating a warehouse robot system.

AI and Machine Learning


Bleum is committed to investing resources to endow our teams with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise.

AI and Machine Learning can help businesses design systems that are better able to perform patter recognition and make more accurate predictions.

Half Price R&D Projects

If you are a company that would like to explore how to integrate one of our target technologies into your business we would like to work with you.

Bleum will reduce its normal billing rates by 50% for qualified R&D projects.

Partners who engage in R&D project can benefit by lowering their R&D costs, but the greatest benefit is time. We have the team ready and able to work on your new concept. You will not need to recruit, hire, train and retain talent in an area that inherently has low supply.

Since the greatest benefit will come to the first to market, being able to innovate faster will enable you to grab market share before competitors can enter the space.

Why Bleum?

  • Cost

    We subsidize the delivery our Bleum Labs projects due to the huge benefit they deliver both to our individuals and Bleum as a whole.

  • Quality People

    At Bleum we recruit only the best and the brightest minds through our multi-stage recruitment process. Our intelligent, innovative staff can truly help you to innovate.

  • Time

    Get access to talent that is available quickly.

  • Scalability

    If your R&D project is successful in the market, Bleum can quickly scale up an Offshore Development Center (ODC) team to help you evolve the concept into a mature system or product.