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When you sought to outsource 10 years ago the choice was simple: go to India. Now things are not so clear-cut.  With a shifting world economy, China has become the world's second largest destination for offshore outsourcing and is experiencing continuous growth. The country's export in software outsourcing reached an astonishing $5.9 billion over the last year. This is an increase of 40.3 percent year on year while international market demand kept low in 2011 and export for all industries was affected.  Last year, statistics show the amount for fulfilled contracts in this industry reached $32.39 billion and rose by 63.6 percent.

With strong support from government policies, top quality infrastructure and huge IT talent pool, more and more multinational companies choose China as their outsourcing location. The international market share of the Chinese outsourcing service industry is further expanded and accounted for 23.2 percent in 2011 (an increase of 6.3 percent compared to the year before).

As a leading China-based provider of software outsourcing, Bleum has clients from top companies in ISV, Supply Chain & Manufacturing, eCommerce, Non-Profit and Banking, Financial Services & Insurance industry. We differentiate ourselves with proven domain expertise, zero-defect quality control, rock solid security, and English as a spoken language.

The following infographic summarizes key facts on the comparison between China and India. Contact us for more information on how we help premium international companies optimize their IT solutions or view our Understanding Chindia whitepaper.

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Understanding Chindia