Shanghai Global Headquarters Tel: +86 (21) 2223 1888

Chengdu Office Tel: +86 (28) 5898 8060

U.S. Headquarters Tel:+1 (888) 99-Bleum
      +1 (888) 992-5386

EMEA Headquarters Tel: +44 20 3755 3191

Bleum Commerce Offices Tel: +1 (888) 99-Bleum
       +1 (888) 992-5386


Global Software / IT Development

Onshore, Offshore or Onsite!

Global Software / IT Development
  • Infrastructure Support Services

    Infrastructure Support Services

    Bleum Infrastructure Support Services provide for technology and process improvements to maintain dynamic IT systems.

  • Testing Services

    Testing Services

    Bleum understands security, the risks and liabilities that today’s web applications, portals and network technologies face.

  • China Entry Services

    China Entry Services

    Bleum Commerce, connects western brands to consumers in China through a comprehensive managed commerce solution.

  • Top 1% Talent

    Top 1% Talent

    Rigorous Hiring Process, 130+ Minimum IQ, Dedicated Teams, Deep Domain Knowledge, 1000+ Engineers

  • Quality Development Process

    Quality Development Process

    CMMI 5, ISO27001, Zero-defect, Hydra CQ

  • Transparent Operations

    Transparent Operations

    Client-enabled tools, Analytics, KPIs, Time tracking, Code visibility, Peer reviews

  • Offshore


    Headquartered in China, Bleum has development centers in Shanghai and Chengdu, with more than 1000 talented software engineers.

  • Onshore


    Our development centers in NYC, Denver and Milwaukee provide clients with the finest solutions and services onshore in the US.

  • Onsite


    Many clients bring Bleum talent and dedicated teams in-house, where we become an integral extension of their development and IT teams.

Key Services

Bleum builds high performance teams delivering high-quality service for your IT software development needs. Through superior and flexible engagement models, Bleum offers a full suite of services that fully harness the power of the industry’s most advanced talent.



Bleum empowers Global Business with high performance software development and the industry's top 1% talent, lowest defect rates and complete operational transparency. With nearly two decades of experience, 1,000+ engineers and offices worldwide, Bleum enables global clients to manage their biggest software and IT challenges.

ODC Engagement Models

Bleum standard delivery models can establish off-shore, on-shore or on-site delivery centers (ODC) for key clients, which become a true extension of your internal teams, from both an IT and Business operations perspective.