Bleum’s values are explained by our ability to make an IMPACT.

We expect all Bleumies to be:

  • Ingenious
  • Meticulous
  • Passionate
  • Adept
  • Courageous
  • Tenacious

Learn more about our IMPACT values from our 2015 CEO Award Winners:


Developing smart, creative ways to solve problems.


2015 CEO Award Winner because…

Jack is full of great ideas. He created a Usability Testing framework that increased the UT coverage to 90%.

Before Jack, the client thought it would not be possible to reach such a high UT coverage with Perl.

In his current project, Jack drove a solution to implement a framework for transferring data between two platforms and even built an entirely new syntax to tackle the large and complex data mapping process. It significantly sped up the migration project and bugs decreased significantly.

His ingenuity increases the team productivity and quality significantly.


Detail focused on both small and large projects.


2015 CEO Award Winner because…

Steve is an incredibly conscientious person who takes his legal responsibility very seriously. He is always very thorough to research all aspects of a problem to ensure that he can give the best advice to the business and to minimize risks, whilst always being fair and open minded.

His research has taken him to study many new and varied things, aspects of different foreign laws, and all sorts of problems and issues that Bleum has never encountered before, but he works in such a way to make sure that the legal department of Bleum will work well now and in the future.


Strong belief in what Bleum is doing and individual/team contribution.


2015 CEO Award Winner because…

Kris is a spokesman for the ‘passionate’ value!

As well as providing high-quality deliverables to our customer day in and day out, he is also full of enthusiasm to improve himself and learn new skills.

He learnt new technologies in the Bleum Incubation Labs, such as NodeJS, AngularJS and MongoDB; he improved his presentation skills through Toastmasters; he actively took the role of MC for the 2016 Bleum annual party.

No matter what Kris tries, he always does a great job.


Able to bring a unique skill set to all situations.


2015 CEO Award Winner because…

Adrienne is a mid-level developer, but she is “adept” at taking multiple roles with different skills requirements, including front-end developer, back-end developer, tester and merge roles — always maintaining her high-quality output.

For example, she worked like a senior tester and helped the team to find many potential defects during testing.

Web UI and Legacy defects were in totally different technologies, but Adrienne showed her outstanding  capability in both technologies.

And even though she had little experience on merges when she joined the team, she worked very hard to learn and was able to run this project by herself after only one month.


Not afraid to make difficult decisions.


2015 CEO Award Winner because…

Fredo is a model new graduate.

He shows his courage in conquering difficult project tasks, for example completing a complex SQL analysis of queries up to 700 lines. He has taken the initiative to solve conflicts with enthusiasm and patience.

On a customer visit, he demonstrated his courage by proactively identifying some process issues, which enhanced the reputation of his team with the client.


Never gives up.


2015 CEO Award Winner because…

When facing a confusing problem from the customer about a third-party API which was not owned by Bleum team, Bruce never lost patience.

He guided the customer step by step, going the extra mile to do research and draft a well-structured solution.

By demonstrating a tenacious ‘never give up’ spirit, Bruce made the customer very satisfied, and his problem-solving skill was extremely impressive.