What We Do

Bleum builds highly effective software development teams that customers use for their most important systems on a long-term basis.

Customers find they benefit most when they use their Bleum teams to develop and support systems that either process large volumes of transactions or derive insight from its Big Data. Software publishers appreciate the professionalism and ease of working with their Bleum teams to develop and maintain commercial software products.

Bleum’s customer dedicated teams are built with a combination of offshore and onshore developers who are highly trained and methodical in their approach to software engineering.

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Company Founded

11 years

CMMI 5 Certified


Projects with zero defects


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Our Approach

We have a strong process orientation, but are not dogmatic. We believe in using the right tool for the right job and our teams are both open-minded and very experienced with their tools. Our teams combine the flexibility and resilience that are core to the Agile Manifesto with the methodical and statistically oriented practices of a top CMMI 5 organization.

Bleum currently has development capacity in China and the USA and has sales offices in USA, UK and China.

Recently Bleum has ventured into the realm of also publishing software with the Beta release of the Omnipresent system.  This is a scaled back agile version of the powerful project management system that has enabled the insight that makes Bleum’s zero-defect operation possible.

Offshore Development Centers

Find out more about our unique approach to outsourcing – the Bleum ODC.

Where We Can Help

As a result of our track record of delivering zero defect projects, Bleum’s teams are best suited to work on those systems where highly engineered software is critical.

The kinds of systems that benefit from Bleum’s unique blending of Total Quality Management (TQM) principles and Agile methodologies are:

Legacy production systems that are having difficulty scaling to increased demand. We have sophisticated engineering techniques to analyze your architecture and prioritize the fixes that will have the biggest impact on performance or extensibility.

Always-On transaction systems that need to be robust, secure and speedy.

Software publishers find it easy and predictable to work with our methodical teams.

Production systems that need shortened release cycles.

Zero Defect Development graph - Bleum achieves more than half of all projects at zero defect

Performance by Design

Bleum’s slogan, ‘Performance by Design’ has a double meaning.

  • Firstly, this refers to how we have structured our company and development processes to produce the highest performance teams. Our Offshore Development Center (ODC) teams are trained to compress the learning curve of your business and application and become productive quickly.
  • Secondly, our methodical approach to designing and developing software ensures that it exceeds performance expectations now and into the future. Thisdeliberate execution is a characteristic of Bleum.

We believe in tackling risk at the beginning of projects in order to fail forward fast. That means that rather than pushing off risk till the later stages of a project and calling it loosely “technical debt,” we identify and mitigate risk as early as possible through the use of technical prototypes and load testing of executable architectures.

Consulting Services

Bleum’s core business is building and managing ODCs for our customer’s, but we also offer implementation and support consulting services for technologies of our key partners:

  • JDA Supply Chain Execution Products
  • Site Core/WordPress/Hybris
  • Oracle HR Cloud

Talk to us to find out how Bleum can help you.